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The outside Rides and Games are closed Thursday 7/1/21 due to weather.

Please bring them to the park and we would be happy to convert them to a digital card for you.

We have Unlimited Ride wristbands during specific days and times. Please see our Events and Offers page for more info.

Sometimes. Always check our Social Media Pages and the main page of our website for any unexpected closings or hour changes.

Guide dogs and other service animals are always permitted, but for safety reasons they may not go on any rides or attractions. Pets that are not service animals are not permitted in the park.

For our larger rides, yes, we do require all riders to pay. However, for some of our smaller Kiddie Rides (Honey Bees, Train, Flying Pirates, Bumper Cars, Octi’s Wheel of Friends and Carousel), we will allow an adult to accompany a child at no cost.

The water slides you can see next to the rides are our neighbors and belong to Thundering Surf Water Park. Any questions about them would have to be directed there.
Yes! Please visit our Birthday party page here for more information!

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