The outside Rides and Games are closed Thursday 7/1/21 due to weather.



Get ready to take an exciting trip around Fantasy Island!

How it Works

Our Kiddie Passport is a fun and interactive way for the little ones to enjoy all eight of our exciting Kiddie Rides!  They will love filling their passport with Fantasy Island character stickers after they spin, soar and whirl on their favorite rides all afternoon.  After they’ve collected all eight character stickers, they will also receive a prize at Scoops Up Ice Cream! 

Step 1

Visit Guest Services to get your Kiddie Passport!  They are available for purchase every Saturday and Sunday from 4pm-7pm and are good for two hours of Unlimited Rides on our eight (8) Kiddie Rides.  Pricing per passport is $15 and is valid for one rider only. 

Step 2

Enjoy Unlimited Rides on all eight Kiddie Rides in the park!  After each ride, collect a Fantasy Island character sticker for your Kiddie Passport.  

Step 3

After you’ve collected all eight Fantasy Island character stickers, visit Scoops Up Ice Cream to receive a special prize! 


Our eight (8) Kiddie Rides: Flying Pirates, Hampton Cars, Honey Bees, Octi’s Wheel of Friends, Pirate Ship, Ride the Tide, Summertime Swings and Train.

Pricing is $15 per passport and each passport is only valid on the day of purchase. It is available to be purchased on Saturdays and Sundays from 4-7pm and is good for two (2) hours of Unlimited Rides on our eight (8) Kiddie Rides.  

All of our rides at Fantasy Island are based on height. You can view the height requirements for each ride on our Rides page here.

Yes! You don’t have to ride the ride to get the sticker for it. Simply go to the ride and ask the ride operator for the corresponding sticker for your passport.

No- For Flying Pirates, Octi’s Wheel of Friends, Train, and Honey Bees we allow one adult to accompany their child for free if the child falls into the height requirement that needs an adult to ride with them. Adults are not permitted to ride the Pirate Ship, Summertime Swings, Hampton Cars or Ride the Tide.

Yes, rides are unlimited on the eight (8) rides associated with the passport.

The Kiddie Passport is only valid on the eight (8)  rides listed. If you would like ride additional rides, you may purchase a Fun Card at Guest Services or at one of our kiosks located throughout the park.