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The outside Rides and Games are closed Thursday 7/1/21 due to weather.


Ride the Tide

The kids will will love the newest edition to the park! Riders can “drive” their boat up and down as they go round and round! Enjoy the sounds of under the sea as they Ride the Tide!


All aboard the Fantasy Island Express!  Our kiddie train ride is perfect for children who want a quieter ride. Fantasy Island Express passengers enjoy a gentle ride around the track.

Honey Bees

Everyone is always buzzing about our friendly flying Honey bees!  Each Honey bee seats up to 2-3 children and slowly raises and lowers, as it flies through the air.

Summertime Swings

The little ones love the gentle thrill of the Summertime Swings as they sit suspended in chairs and spin through the ocean air!

Octi’s Wheel of Friends

Take a trip under the sea on Octi’s Wheel of Friends! This sea creature-themed kiddie version of a Ferris Wheel is totally tenta-cool!   

Hampton Cars

This classic umbrella-top ride offers a variety of trucks and cars for the kids to choose! Drive smoothly around a circular track and honk the horn for some extra fun.  

Flying Pirates

The kids will fly up, up and away in small pirate ships! This iconic ride lets you control how high they go as the ships soar up, up and around.