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The outside Rides and Games are closed Thursday 7/1/21 due to weather.


Sea Dragon

Climb aboard our Viking-themed ship for an action-packed thrill ride! The Sea Dragon swings back and forth in a pendulum motion, gaining speed and height with each cycle. The more it swings, the higher the Sea Dragon flies!

Lighthouse Launch

At 80 feet tall, Lighthouse Launch is the tallest ride at Fantasy Island Amusement Park! Designed to resemble Long Beach Island’s most iconic landmark and tourist attraction, the Barnegat Lighthouse, the ride begins with a slow climb to the top of the tower where riders have a chance to take in breathtaking views of the bay or the ocean before enjoying a thrilling series of quick drops and launches. 

Crab Race

Race your friends to the finish line on Crab Race – a Himalaya-style ride with a clawsome twist! This exciting thrill ride takes riders round and round in a fast circular ride forward, but the fun doesn’t stop there…double the fun with a trip backwards as well!  

Hang Ten

Take a spin on the Hang Ten! This family-friendly coaster will send riders into a spinning frenzy as each car loops and turns on the track.

Atlantic Scrambler

Take a spin on our version of the classic Scrambler ride! You’ll have a blast spinning, twisting and turning in all different directions in a rotating car that gets faster as it goes.