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The outside Rides and Games are closed Thursday 7/1/21 due to weather.


Crab Race

Race your friends to the finish line on Crab Race – a Himalaya-style ride with a clawsome twist! This exciting thrill ride takes riders round and round in a fast circular ride forward, but the fun doesn’t stop there…double the fun with a trip backwards as well!  

Hang Ten

Take a spin on the Hang Ten! This family-friendly coaster will send riders into a spinning frenzy as each car loops and turns on the track.

Hampton Cars

This classic umbrella-top ride offers a variety of trucks and cars for the kids to choose! Drive smoothly around a circular track and honk the horn for some extra fun.  

Flying Pirates

The kids will fly up, up and away in small pirate ships! This iconic ride lets you control how high they go as the ships soar up, up and around.


Take a spin on our classically designed carousel that features beautifully hand-painted Bradley and Kaye horses as well as benches. Guests of all ages will experience pure delight as they go around and around on this timeless ride.

Bumper Cars

Bumper Cars is a classic, iconic ride and you’re going to want to take ours for a spin! Riders can race around with their friends and family, dodge other cars and crash into them! It’s so much fun.

Atlantic Scrambler

Take a spin on our version of the classic Scrambler ride! You’ll have a blast spinning, twisting and turning in all different directions in a rotating car that gets faster as it goes.